Corporate Art I Wall Display I Acrylic Printing

Corporate Art I Wall Display I Acrylic Wall Display I Florida

Corporate Art I Wall Display

Corporate Art I Wall Display

Printing on the backside of a clear acrylic surface has become a rage for businesses and homes everywhere.  The highly reflective surface, deep of color and ease in cleaning the surface have been a big hit.  Many hospitals are not for example find this to be a great benefit as germs are very critical for the patients they treat.

This particular piece is 36″ x 48″ x .5″ clear acrylic with x6 1″ diameter satin finish aluminum stand offs. We have printed thousands of these for corporations, businesses, hospitals, hotels and homes as well shipped internationally or installed by our production team.  The acrylic prints illuminate any setting and never fail to get a great reaction.  We also print on canvas, wood and aluminum which all have unique looks and feels.

Our company Brand 9 has evolved for over 30 years from making simple banners and signs into a national and international source for all visual communication.  Our goal is to create the highest quality print output and attention to detail with every project.  We’re only as good as our last job and understand we want our products so perform an aesthetic job like none other.

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