January 15, 2015

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Asking for Directions

There is an ongoing ‘feud’ if you will, between men and women. We can’t seem to understand why men refuse to ask for directions. As women we don’t have any problem admitting if we’re completely lost and have no idea where we are at. Men on the other hand will spend an hour getting more lost than they started off in the first place. I guess this also related to them not looking at the directions when they’re putting together the really difficult but super sweet bike your kid just ‘had to have’.

It’s like some kind of ‘rule’ in the hidden male code in every man’s mind. They always know where they’re going and exactly where they’re at. Even when they don’t really know they will never admit to being unsure. Driving around aimlessly for an hour is completely acceptable in their minds just so they can figure out on their own where they’re going, knowing they did it themselves with no one’s help.

As for us in the sign business this is where our expertise in way findings and directional signs come into play. Imagine you’re taking a trip and there are no signs on the road… It’d be kind of difficult to know exactly where you were if all you had to go by were trees and landmarks you weren’t familiar with. The old tree could be knocked down for new high rise apartments. So landmarks aren’t reliable. Something could be kittycorner – across from- cattywampas to etc but specific directions provided by road signs will guarantee timely arrival. Say your wife is in labor… it’s been hours and hours and you have to take a moment to gather yourself before the big moment except the fact that you’re on your way back to watch your baby be born and you realize you’ve got no idea where you are.

Instead of wandering around this huge building, with way too many rooms and doors for hours trying to find the right room, then having to listen to your wife yell and cry that you missed the birth of your child and how you’re the worst father in the world (which you will NEVER live down) you can follow the signs and get there in no time. For this reason the way finding signs were created. They let you know exactly where you’re at and how far you’ve got left to go. I think they fear they’ll be vulnerable to someone else or that they’ll ‘lose masculinity’, because everyone knows that asking for directions makes you less of a man, right ?