29 Jan '18

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Resort Signage I Exterior I Aruba I Brand 9 I Wayfinding

Resort Signage – Exterior – Aruba

This was a 30 piece extremely durable resort project we recently completed in Aruba.  Outside of the obvious important aesthetics the extreme weather and sunlight on these resort signs were the most important … Read More

03 May '17

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Stud I 1948 RestoMod Studebaker I Brand 9

Stud I 1948 RestoMod Studebaker I Brand 9

Stud I 1948 Studebaker RestoMod I Video 1

Stud I 1948 Studebaker RestoMod I Video 2

This has been a year long project of taking Ol’ Red a 1948 … Read More

03 Mar '15

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Casting Calls I Paid Roles I Orange Park, Florida

Casting calls for paid roles in the Jacksonville Florida area March 8th at 10am.

We have teamed up with Gravity Dog productions and excited about our upcoming series of professional creative ads. If you’re an actor, fit the profile … Read More

05 Feb '15

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What Makes a Sign Effective?

This is a very simple question many people in business ask themselves quite often. The challenge in answering it is because it can be very complicated. So, rather than heading down an endless path of research and opinions let’s stick … Read More

15 Jan '15

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Asking For Directions I Men I Wayfinding

Asking for Directions

There is an ongoing ‘feud’ if you will, between men and women. We can’t seem to understand why men refuse to ask for directions. As women we don’t have any problem admitting if we’re completely lost … Read More

17 Mar '14

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Hibernia Plantation History – Clay County Florida

Hibernia Plantation History

April the 12th of this year will mark the 153rd anniversary of the start of the Civil War and a nice local story at Hibernia Plantation was unfolding.  At that particular time the Fleming family lived … Read More

19 Dec '13

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Vehicle Wraps – Junk Wraps

Vehicle Wraps – Car Wraps – Junk Wraps

Maybe I should just say poorly designed wraps are a waste of your money and time.  It’s truly the biggest issue I have in this industry right now.  People need to be … Read More