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The history of us printing banners and sign making goes back to the 1970’s in the Gulf Coast region of Florida.  Screen printing was the technology at that time for the industry. A large screen printing table was hard to come by that was big enough to print much larger than a t-shirt. So, scale was always a challenge and because of that most of the early equipment was homemade lessons were always learned by trial and error.

Being up for the challenge we built a custom screen printing table to met the demand for large banners. Bright colored paints were also a difficult to find so we developed our own. Durable materials nowhere to be found…. no problem we found a way. Being innovative and stepping forward into growth and away from safety has always been our plan.

Fast forward several years and multiple locations around the Gulf and Banners & Signs was born in Orange Park, Florida. The time was 1986 and the newest technology was a thing called a vinyl plotter. The classic sign painters said it would never work as a replacement for painting. “A machine to cut letters”… Of course they were wrong and cutting vinyl is still around today.

Once technology got a hold of this business the dynamics certainly changed very quickly. We quickly evolved with digital printing, cutting and fabricating.
Over the course of time we have come to understand some very important lessons and have the best equipment available to provide a high quality product within a fast turnaround. We are also in control of our quality and have become a company of solutions. However its never been about a machine or understanding a program used to create a visual. It’s always been about having an eye and understanding of what works.

Our business has grown to cover so many different industries aside from the obvious ‘signs’.  Creative interiors from murals, displays and corporate art are a growing part of our company. We provide visual solutions in communicating a message and branding. Professional office spaces, churches, the healthcare industry, schools, the government and military have come to rely on us over the past 30 years. Let us show you the difference …..our ideas are the difference in many cases between a waste of your money and solutions that work.

As we’ve continued to grow the scope of our work has broadened and what was at one time clearly defined has blossomed. Our round peg no longer fits within the square holes of typical companies within our industry. As a result Sign Fusion has become a better way to describe us.

Our latest venture is to expand our brand into the South Florida Miami area.  As of March 1st, 2021 we are open for business within the financial district of downtown at 801 Brickell Ave – 8th floor.

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