December 19, 2013

Vehicle Wraps – Junk Wraps

Jacksonville Florida Based.

Vehicle Wraps – Car Wraps – Junk Wraps

Maybe I should just say poorly designed wraps are a waste of your money and time.  It’s truly the biggest issue I have in this industry right now.  People need to be aware of what they’re “not” getting most of the time.

Let me be more specific.  Vehicle wraps of any kind have become such a known word over the past fews years.  People associate a ‘wrap’ with any type of big graphics on a car, truck, SUV, bus, boat…etc.  The fact is that it’s all graphics – whether it’s an old fashion pin striping job by hand with paints, die cut colored vinyl graphics or a full coverage wrap.  As far as a design goes it’s much easier to completely blow it on a wrap than any other means of marketing on a vehicle or boat and it’s not because of it’s durability.

It all starts with an effective design.  Nothing else matters beyond that first step…. nothing.  The greatest application and materials know to man will not help if your design is junk.  Most consumers of a wrap and ‘so called’ companies that provide wraps do not understand what makes an effective design.  If you want your vehicle marketing and advertising to work please spend your money on the front end or it’s a complete waste.  Anybody in this industry can load a roll of expensive media into a digital printer and pop out a wrap.  However, a select few can design it to do it’s job which is to make you money.

Bobby Hartley