Aluminum Letters I Community Signage

St. Augustine, Florida Signage

Aluminum Letters I Community Signage
We produce a large variety of aluminum letters for community signage. Those metal letters are available in any number of finishes, textures, heights and thicknesses. We also use plastics which both have a lifetime warranty. If you’re a property management company, builder, developer, homeowners association or just someone wanting letters please keep us in mind.

Our business has over 28 years of experience in standing behind the work we create and ideas provided. We like to believe we’ve done a lot of things correctly and above board to remain leaders in our industry. “Sign Fusion” has really become our style because we’re capable of doing just about any type of work within the sign, print or art scope of industries.

Community signage for example has been within our wheelhouse of work since our beginnings. We design and fabricate monuments – create reader boards – produce themed environmental signage and graphics – and also street signs and mailboxes. There’s really nothing we cannot do within a neighborhood.

Please give us a call today at (904) 272-3395 or email to We understand and embrace the idea that we’re only as good as our last project. You always know where you can find us.