Art I Sculpture I Florida

Bobby Hartley

Art Sculpture - Hand Carved

Art is something within our blood and sculpture for sure. You could say the source of our creative capability finds its source in art and we have a strong background within it. We’re serious about pushing every fiber of ourselves artistically. We also do it because we like it and it’s a nice change of pace.

So, what about this piece? Well there are actually a few of these floating around out there of slightly different subject matter from fish to eels. This particular piece is
an overall size of 24″ x 24″ x 5″ unframed and hand tooled/carved and created in 2001 by Bobby Hartley.  It’s actually made its way around the Jacksonville area and been displayed in a number of galleries and environments.

It was first sculpted from it’s original block using basic hand tools – chisels and a rubber mallet. The more detailed elements using a spinning rotary grinder via an air compressor. That process was followed with a final smoothing of certain parts giving a very finished look.

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