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Marketing Banner - Gordon Chevrolet

Banners are in our blood to say the least. It’s how we began our business over 25 years ago. The name Banners & Signs came from selling those two items door to door from the truck on a 1987 Pontiac Grand Am. To take it a step further back those particular banners being sold were made in the basement and garage of our grandparents home. That story goes back over 35 years.

In those days the banner making process was quite a bit different from the production digital printing equipment we have today. My grandmother had a permanent bent finger as far back as I can remember from hand cutting stencils for screen printed letters. The inks… of my the bright day glow inks were everywhere.

We now have a variety of banner printing methods and also dozens of materials that are considered banners I guess you could say. On occasion we’ll still screen print a run of banners but for the most part we use a solvent or latex digitally printing method. There are really a lot of signage that can be considered a ‘banner’. If it’s flexible enough to be rolled up and not fly as a flag does you can call it a banner.

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