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Directory Signs I Wayfinding Signs
Directory signs and wayfinding signs are a great asset to your church, office or school. Over the past 28 + years people have come to rely on our skill set to fabricate nearly any type of sign, display or graphics. This particular set of signs is another one of our unique solutions to protecting the surface and providing something made to last. If you’ve ever had an issue with prying hands damaging easy to reach signs we need to talk.

We pride ourselves on signage that actually works and serves a purpose. Finding your way around a church for example for guests can be a big challenge. Most folks just like to slip in and not ask a lot of questions from what we’ve found. In those situations the directory, wayfinding and building signs are very important. Another point is that a poorly designed sign can be worse than no sign at all. Let’s do it right the first time.

We also CNC route and lathe displays and various other millwork for churches. If it’s fabricated or carved from metal, wood, stone or composites we can probably do it. Wall, ceiling and floor mounted displays are well within our wheelhouse.

Please give us a call at (904) 272-3395 or email to We can design, create the plan, print, fabricate and install your directory map signs anywhere.