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Flag Mount Sign I Architectural I Wayfinding I Healthcare Signs
Stand off flag mount sign on clear acrylic for the healthcare industry. This interior wayfinding sign is a modern and clean way to label your office space.

Making signs and displays is our business and we full well understand you can over ‘sign’ yourself. The point is for them to do there job and not be a distraction to there environment. Another way of saying this is they need to be effective to blend in. Using a clear base material may seem like an awful idea but in the right situation it makes perfect sense.

This idea holds true for exterior directional, display and wayfinding signs as well. We have completed many projects over the years where less sign is the perfect answer. Our business has been fabricating this type of signage for over 28 years. During that time we’ve learned a thing or two about what works. It’s no longer an experiment for us and our clients understand that.

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