Glass Whiteboards I Acrylic Frames I Wall Mural

Glass Marker Boards - Jacksonville Florida

Wall Mural Display - Glass Marker Board - Acrylic Frames

This glass whiteboards project within Memorial Hospital in Jacksonville Florida was quite a challenging and fun project.  A rough concrete wall surface required a special adhesive film which was laminated for protection and printed in full color with the EVS branding.

A section of this environmental graphic was designed and created with layered acrylic frames held with satin finish aluminum stand offs.  It also has a functional section with a 1/4″ tempered glass whiteboards using matching hardware.  These glass whiteboards have a smooth as silk finish with polished edges to provide a superior, non ghosting, writing surface.  Glass dry-erase systems provide the superior alternative to toxic materials found in synthetic whiteboards. Stain-free surfaces ensure your Glassboards will last the lifetime and are eco-friendly which is a plus in the healthcare industry.

Our only regret is that we do not have a ‘before’ picture to show to drastic improvement not only to this work space but also the creation of the design elements being used. Let’s just say it’s much better than the posters they had for years prior to this. We have over 25 years of experience designing and creating projects just like this. Please give us a call at (904) 272-3395 or email to