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Interior Displays - Carved Stone - Jacksonville Florida

Carved Stone Display Monument - Bahai Center

These interior displays were quite a project that will be around for the next several generations to come.  Wood columns mounted from the floor to the wall along with a custom aluminum frame support a hand carved stone face.  All of the copy is a transcribed ancient language that has been painstakingly carved by hand and also hand painted within the natural stone for the Bahai Center in Jacksonville Florida.

So, how did we do it?

We used a natural counter top sheet of stone like what you may see on a kitchen countertop for starters. A pattern was created for all of the copy onto the stone, which is extremely detailed, at between .5″ and 1″ tall with very small strokes.  To small for etched, routing or sandblasted.  The details were to small for anyone even within the headstone business to find a possible solution.  We used a special compressor powered scribe to carve each character by hand.  It’s important to understand what a task that was and anyone who’s ever worked with natural stone will understand the challenges.  There needed to actually be another step on the process by hand to smooth out every single edge of those letters and characters.

The next step was to paint within all of the etched areas and keep the paint from rolling into the natural grains and imperfections stone has.  That required a special formulation of oil based paints, an orbital sanding compound and a lot of patience.  Obviously certainly areas of this process were no problem at all but others…..well not so fast.  Vintage frames with non glare glass faces and satin finish stand offs completed the face of the displays.

As you might imagine we’re already dealing with quite a bit of weight.  That weight was supported on aluminum square tubing through combination of lumber and African Mahogany plywood columns.  Those columns mounted to the floor and bolted within a wall subsurface.  This was probably one of our more challenging projects for sure but it sure was nice to see the final outcome and have a happy client.   We actually relocated this monster on an adjacent wall several months later which is another story 🙂

Our company has the ability and experience to take on any challenge.  If you think it cannot be done or have heard ‘that’s impossible’ give us a call.