LED Channel Letters – Jacksonville Florida

LED Channel Letters - Jacksonville Florida

Channel Letters

24″ LED channel letters John Brooks at State Farm Insurance Agency on San Jose in Jacksonville Florida in 2013. We have actually made quite a few sets of new branding letters for these offices around the North Florida area this being the first.

LED illumination signage or any kind is certainly the only way to go regardless of the application – letters, cabinets, or any other. From energy savings, durability and a more controlled light there’s no going back at this point.

The energy consumption vs T8 fluorescent tubes for example is up to 90% less in LED’s. Imagine the positive impact that will have on your bottom-line over the life of your sign. It goes without saying the durability factor of LED’s but also the control of the actual light. Traditional lighting tubes for example leave dark spaces which are a distraction and not in a positive way. Proper LED illumination provides a uniform and even light that can be controlled much better. White lights for example are available in a variety of shades to produce different effects. Something else to consider is using colored LED’s instead of simply a white light cast through a colored plastic face.

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