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Metal Prints - Photography - Florida
Metal prints look absolutely stunning in almost every application and like many things a photo cannot really capture the details. The way the light impacts the surface creates a truly unique effect. It’s not just a particular type of light either but rather all light. So, weather it’s direct or indirect sunlight, ambient and staged artificial light, even light from a TV source all reflect on this surface. The combination of lighting is amazing.

The process of printing on brushed aluminum to create that look uses the materials true texture and color as a substitution for a white smooth surface you traditionally see in photo printing. It’s an industrial cool look that works in a large variety of situations and for any industry. So, weather it’s residential or commercial this is a modern alternative to paper or canvas. We can also print on wood which brings out the natural warmth and texture of that particular surface.

This nearly complete grouping or collage of photos were framed by use and installed on a residential home in Orange Park, Florida. The empty space is to contain a set of distressed metal letters NYC. Please give us a call at (904) 272-3395 or email to