Monument Signs I Orange Park I St Augustine I Florida

Monument Signs - Orange Park Florida

High Density Urethane

The only remains of the original Hibernia Plantation is a family cemetery, private chapel (which serves as a church today) and old photos.  That is where our connection to this amazing story begins as we were contracted to recreate the original house from that old photo into what it may have looked like roughly 150 years ago.  So, we got busy trying to really capture as much of the actual home in a rendering as we could without any obstacles standing in front of it.  This depiction and painting will be around for generations to come as a remembrance of that story.  After we recreated the house we fabricated two sandblasted sign faces which look fantastic.  I have to say this is one of our most rewarding projects in over 25 years.  If you’re ever in the area it’s certainly worth taking a look at.

This project for Hibernia Plantation are not soon to be forgotten.  This community on the St Johns River was formerly a plantation and the theme is based on a single home now referred to as the Hibernia Plantation.  The only source for a visual for these signs was a line drawing and very old black and white photos.  In order to pull these signs off was to recreate a new full color rendering of that home as if it were still standing.  So, in the process of building these monument signs we also created a permanent digital record of the home for our clients that is guaranteed never to fade away.

The actual homes were painted on 3/4″ pvc plastic with several layers of non-yellowing clear coat.  Those were then bonded to the 1.5″ high density urethane which had been routed, primed and painted using One Shot enamels.  This was one of the most challenging and ultimately rewards projects we’ve had in over 25 years.  60″ x 120″ is the overall size of the sign face excluding the brick work.