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Medical Monument Signs
Monument signs and Healthcare signs are a large part of our business. For over 25 years we have provided expert design ideas and high quality fabrication for these types of signage. There’s really nothing beyond our wheelhouse.

Aiosa Orthodontics in Fleming Island, Florida actually had this beauty made twice. Unfortunately, it was hit by a car within a month of being completed.  Round two was the identical stucco, brick, and satin finish aluminum monument sign.  Exterior illumination lighting really shows the reflectivity of the aluminum surface and highlights the sign faces quite well. Retrofitting your existing monument is a great way to bring your monument sign up to date quickly. It’s never been a disappointment.

The Glen St Johns faces are a 100% plastic fabrication which is bonded together. The lack of hardware really creates an amazingly durable finished product with a lifetime warranty. We produce signage like this for the healthcare and construction industry on a steady bases. Our office is located in the Jacksonville, Florida area and we ship and install signs internationally.

We are providers of Sign Fusion (TM) which is a combination of classic methods and the latest in technology and ideas to produce work to the highest of standards. Please give us a call at (904) 272-3395 or email to for more information.