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Office Building Signs - Wayfinding

Office Building Signs I Wayfinding

Office building signs and wayfinding signage have been a large part of our business for over 28 years. We take pride in delivering unique and quality products that make a difference in our clients businesses.

This particular sign for Cresent Hill Office Park in Jacksonville, Florida uses a lot of durable materials which came together quite well. From distressed cherry timbers to satin finish aluminum and laser cut acrylics it creates a nice display that blends and stands out. There’s always a balance between designing a sign that’s visible but at the same time makes sense within it’s environment. A little bit of forward thinking goes a long way in our daily business model of Sign Fusion.

Different textures and finishes make for a sign that is an asset not simply a sign. In this instance being able to easily exchange tenant names while creating the other parts that last a lifetime was the goal. If you’re wanting a top quality product from a reliable source please give us a call at (904) 272-3395 or email to and let’s talk signs.