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Reverse Channel Letters - Jacksonville Florida

Halo Letters

Reverse channel letters create an amazing effect and we’re proud of every project. Not only are you able to display your letters and logo in a unique way but also really highlight the wall texture behind them. It’s really a stunning display regardless of an interior or exterior application.

There are obvious benefits to using modern LED technology as well which is what we offer exclusively over traditional illumination. From brightness, durability, color and energy there’s really no going back to neon or fluorescents.

The quality of the light is much more controlled with different variations of white for example. We can create the perfect effect and balance. The striping effect created from fluorescent tubes leaves dark spaces which are a distraction …. in a bad way. The visual distraction sends the wrong message about your business, and undermines your overall brand image. LED’s capture that otherwise wasted space if you will.

The energy savings are very impressive and up to 90% in some cases. Imagine the positive impact that will have on your bottom-line over the long life of your sign. It goes without saying the durability of LED technology as well.

We also offer a day/night front face letter which is white at night and black during the day. This is perfect more often than not on light colored surfaces. For channel letters and reverse channel letters of any kind please give us a call at (904) 272-3395 or email to