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Formed Plastic Letters - Baptist Medical Center

Baptist Medical Center Letters
These sign letters were for Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville, Florida at First Coast Medical Plaza. This was one of the many we created for this particular building in 2009 from formed plastic.

An interesting detail regarding this particular installation was that the buildings surface could not be penetrated with hardware. So, how do you install 24″ tall letters on both brick and stucco surfaces – very carefully with pad mounts. It was quite a time consuming challenge but they’re still standing today.

Acrylic and formed plastic letters like these have a lifetime warranty against nearly any element. I can only recall one instance over all our years of providing these letters were one has broken and that was during a hurricane. So, that say they’re durable in an understatement. We also provide various mounting methods on the backs and bottoms for stand up applications.

We are producers of any type of interior and exterior letters for the Healthcare industry or any other. From plastics to various types of metal materials and nearly any size it’s a piece of cake. We like to refer to our company and style as Sign Fusion (TM) because we combine all of the classic methods with the newest of technologies to produce high quality work.

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