Trailer Wrap I Auto Graphics I Florida

Jaguar Technologies Graphics - Jacksonville, Florida

Trailer Wrap I Auto Graphics I Florida
This trailer wrap and graphics was for our long time clients Jaguar Technologies. They’re located across the state and home based in the Jacksonville, Florida area. Quite an impressive business story.

So here we have a large trailer they use to transport a drag car. We used a combination of die cut premium graphics and a digitally printed/laminated graphic on both sides. It’s a pretty straight forward project using exactly what was needed to get the message across and nothing more.

More often that not the design of a wrap goes from ‘that’s an interesting idea’ to ‘oh my goodness we really blew it royally’. Not every application needs a full wrap and in my option the white space of any design is as important as the copy space. All these ideas and points can be found in our highly controversial and read blog titled ‘junk wraps’. You can find it on our site or just google it. It’s really our educated 25+ years of design work unleashed.

For just the write amount of graphics on your trailer please give us a call at (904) 272-3395 or email to Let’s Talk Signs!