Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding Signs of Any Variation-

We have been designing, building, printing and installing wayfinding and directory signs since our beginnings.  Anything that is basically from point A to point B and back again.   Our main market is the medical field or hospitals only because they tend to have many people navigating larger facilities but we also provide these for any type of business.  Car dealerships, schools, government buildings and churches  would be just a few other industries to list.  The full disposal of our capabilities fits within this industry just right.

We have over 25 years of healthcare and medical signs for both interior and exterior applications.  Our experience helps find a solution and balance between cost, design and function.  Your signage is extremely important not just in function but for multiple reasons.  We understand it.

Will it work?  Will it last? Is it aesthetically pleasing? Can we provide a better alternative to others for a better price?  These are some of the many questions you have.

As a professional, business owner, designer, or CEO those are a few of the questions you have.

1. Will it work?  That’s pretty important right.  I mean all of the signage in the world will not work unless the right strategy and design are not in place first.  So, let’s start with the fact we are formally educated in the design overall.  That certainly comes in handy in determining not only what is possible, for a monument sign for example, but also what’s important and what’s not.  The saying goes – you do not need a sledgehammer to kill an ant….  You basically need just enough ____ and not to much _____ but just to be sure you really need a little ______ to make this project work best.  That’s the idea and what we’re good at.

2. Will it last?  Yes – equally important.  Actually does it need to last?  Maybe you’re in need of temporary signs that will only be in place for a year which would call for a particular set of materials sufficient enough for the job.  Maybe you need something to last a lifetime – or that can be changed out over a lifetime.  We will have the experience to put together the right solution and be a reliable source you can depend on if something goes wrong.  We’re big enough to handle anything and small enough that you can pick up the phone and call the owners cell at any time.  Mistakes do happen and we make it right.

3. Is it aesthetically pleasing?  We’re designers as I mentioned.  Of course everyone makes that claim but we actually provide a top level creative element as a service.  Browse around our portfolio and see for yourself.  We’re pretty good.

4. Can we provide a better alternative for a better price?  Yes and Yes.  Let’s say you want a sign overhaul and have found someone else’s pick n choose sign options are just not what you have in mind.  We that’s probably because they’re someone else’s same signs which were not that great the first time you say them.  We provide custom signage – the key word is custom.  If you’re comparing apples to apples we can meet or beat anyones cost.  Is it possible someone can beat our cost?  I doubt it but there’s only one way to find out.  Let’s talk – and we’ll figure it out.

Located within Jacksonville Florida area and ship items nationally.