January 29, 2018

Resort Signage I Exterior I Aruba I Brand 9 I Wayfinding

Costa Linda Beach Resort Signage - Aruba

Resort Signage – Exterior – Aruba

This was a 30 piece extremely durable resort project we recently completed in Aruba.  Outside of the obvious important aesthetics the extreme weather and sunlight on these resort signs were the most important factor to consider.  We have a method of printing on the reverse side of clear acrylic and use automotive grade paints to make signs perfectly suited for the brightest sunlight, rain, winds and prying hands.

So, how do we accomplish this?  We start with using materials to are solid and thick enough not to warp, split or crack over time.  Stainless steel hardware, plastic, acrylic, automotive grade paints and latex inks.  We’re designers and have developed some of the most challenging projects that others pass on which is a part of the equation.  That however, doesn’t mean much without the knowledge of how to translate that into an actual product.  This is not our first rodeo.

How do we make it look good?  The finish and attention to details make a durable idea turn into a gallery quality finished product.  A picture really cannot fully visualize the gloss finish of these art pieces.  These signs are truly capable of being on display in any art gallery and at the same time all of the copy cannot be accessed by little curious fingers.

This project for Costa Linda Beach Resort in Aruba was fabricated in our Florida location. Shipped by a trucking company on crates and cargo shipped to the Island without a hitch.  We handle the fulfillment of these type projects, well within our wheelhouse, all over the world.  For your next project, big or small, please touch base with us first.  We have over 30 years of experience in providing solutions for any challenge and stand behind our work.  Let’s talk signs at or 904-272-3395.