The Company

The company and history of our business goes back to the 1970’s and is three generations deep.  Gulf Glo Banner Company was a screen printing specializing in banners and signs, with very bright customized colors, were the means of creating a sign back then and where our journey began.

The beginning was a house: a very unique house and probably the only house in Panama City Beach with a basement in it.  That basement is where most of the work happened for many years.  Those banners were boxed and shipped all over the south of colors considered today as ‘day glow’.  Let’s just say no one had brighter colors.  In fact you could not even purchase the paint.  We made it!  Seriously, we formulated our own florescent paints which were not available at that time.  Also, we built our own custom screen printing table twice the size of one you could buy.  The bigger and brighter the better they worked so we just found a way to make it happen.  We could not just ‘google it’ in other words.

the company

How we kept people coming back was a number of reasons.  At the top of that list was a simple philosophy ‘make it work’.  That did not just mean figure out a way to make it work on our end to complete a job but to make our items actually work for our clients.  We genuinely want our ideas to lead to your success.

Our current business opened in 1986 in Jacksonville, Florida out of the back seat of a Pontiac Grand-Am.  The following year we opened our doors in Orange Park.  At that time there was a little invention we were on the forefront of implementing into this type of business.  Our competitors, still using a bucket of paint to create banners & signs laughed…. ‘A computer…that will never work!’  Insert Smile Here_______.  Even during those years things were very different in many regards, but the core idea has stayed the same.   We want our ideas to lead to your success and ‘work’.  The history of our customers success is what’s most important to us.  Our upcoming plans are to expand our business and business solutions into other areas within Florida and beyond.

Please check out our ‘history’ page for more information